20 Most Popular Golf Influencers (Updated For 2024)

Dive into the green with 2024’s top 20 golf influencers, where talent meets social media.

These trailblazers are swinging their way into the future of golf with flair, from snazzy instruction videos to the slickest golf fashion.

And hey, you might just spot a familiar face in the mix (hint: it’s me!). 

Get ready to tee off into a world where golf is anything but ordinary.

Top 10 Male Golf Influencers

This list showcases a diverse group of male golf influencers who have made significant impacts in various aspects of the golfing world.

From instruction and technique analysis to entertainment and storytelling, these influencers offer something for every golf enthusiast to learn from and enjoy.

1. Ollie Neave: The Funniest Golf Influencer

OK – shameless plug! As the face behind Aussie Beef Golf, I bring humor to the fairway, or at least I try to, making golf accessible and entertaining for everyone.

I’m on a mission to sprinkle a generous dose of humor over those lush green fairways, transforming the noble game of golf into your new favorite hobby. 

Whether it’s through wacky tips that’ll have you scratching your head in amusement or those moments on the course that are so funny they’ll make you forget your bogeys, I’m here to ensure your golfing journey is as memorable as a hole-in-one at a mini-golf course. 

So, if you’re craving a daily fix of laughter mixed with some genuinely savvy golfing advice (yes, I do know my stuff, thank you very much), then look no further.

Remember, in the grand game of golf, it’s not just about the swing – it’s about having a swinging good time!

Why Relevant: Injecting fun into golf coaching.

Learn From Me: How to enjoy golf while improving your game.

Instagram: AussieBeefGolf

YouTube: AussieBeefGolf

TikTok: aussiebeefgolfcoach

2. Rick Shiels: The Golf Teacher

Step right up to the tee, folks, and let me introduce you to the wizard of the golfing world, Rick Shiels.

This chap isn’t just a teacher; he’s the Gandalf of golf, guiding you through the mystical lands of birdies and bogeys with his spellbinding tutorials. 

Rick’s knack for breaking down the most bewildering aspects of golf into bite-sized, easy-peasy lemon squeezy lessons has turned him into the go-to guru for golfers far and wide.

His content is like a perfectly struck drive: engaging, straight down the fairway, and bound to improve your game.

So, if you’re looking to jazz up your golf skills with a side of fun, Rick Shiels is your man.

Why Relevant: Simplifying golf instruction for players of all levels.

Learn From Him: Techniques to improve your golf game, from basics to advanced strategies.

Instagram: RickShielsPGA

Youtube: Rick Shiels Golf

TikTok: RickShielsPGA

3. Peter Finch: The Swing Expert

Ever dreamt of swinging your club with the grace of a ballet dancer and the precision of a sniper?

Enter Peter Finch, the maestro of golf swings and the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker in the quest for golfing mastery. 

Peter’s got the lowdown on everything from crafting the perfect swing to strategizing your way around the course like a chess grandmaster.

Peter turns the complex art of golf into fun, digestible morsels of wisdom.

Follow him if you’re looking to improve your swing, and you’ll soon be swinging smoother than a jazz solo on a summer night.

Why Relevant: Expert analysis on golf swings and strategies.

Learn From Him: How to perfect your swing and understand the nuances of the game.

Instagram: PeterFinchGolf

YouTube: Peter Finch Golf

TikTok: peterfinchgolf

4. Erik Anders Lang: The Golf Traveler

Join Erik Anders Lang as he ventures through some of the globe’s most stunning and challenging golf courses.

It’s not just about the game; it’s the journey, the landscapes, and the incredible people he encounters along the way. 

Erik offers a unique glimpse into the soul of golfing destinations, making every share a peek into the heart of the sport’s most scenic spots.

With Erik, it’s more than golf; it’s an exploration of passion and place. For those who love the game and the adventures it brings, Erik’s stories are a must-follow.

Why Relevant: Showcasing the world’s best golf destinations.

Learn From Him: The beauty and diversity of golf courses around the globe.

Instagram: ErikAndersLang

YouTube: Random Golf Club Films

TikTok: erikanderslang

5. Me and My Golf: The Coaching Duo

Say hello to Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, the spirited pair behind Me and My Golf. These gents are more than just coaches; they’re the dynamic duo lighting up the golf instruction world. 

With years of experience tucked into their golf bags, they’ve mastered the art of making golf coaching both enlightening and downright enjoyable.

Why are they on my radar? Because they blend expert advice, drawn from their extensive backgrounds in the game, with a playful approach that makes perfecting your swing feel like a day out with friends. 

If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on lessons, check out some of their golf basics videos to get started on your own.

Why Relevant: Dynamic duo offering engaging and effective golf coaching.

Learn From Them: Innovative drills and tips to improve your game.

Instagram: MeandMyGolf

YouTube: Me And My Golf

TikTok: meandmygolf

6. Bryan Bros Golf: The Trick Shot Artists

Introducing the Bryan Bros, George and Wesley – the dynamic duo turning the golf world upside down with their spellbinding trick shots.

These brothers aren’t just playing golf; they’re redefining it, one mind-bending shot at a time. 

Their social media is a carnival of golf balls zigzagging in ways that defy gravity and logic, all served with a hefty dose of brotherly charm.

They blend jaw-dropping skill with infectious enthusiasm, transforming the golf course into a stage for their imagination.

For a front-row seat to golf’s most entertaining show, the Bryan Bros are your ticket.

Why Relevant: Bringing creativity and excitement to golf through trick shots.

Learn From Them: How to add fun and flair to your golf game.

Instagram: BryanBrosGolf

YouTube: Bryan Bros Golf

TikTok: bryanbrosgolf

7. Andrew Jensen: The Inspirational Storyteller

Dive into the world of Andrew Jensen, a pro golfer who brings more to the table than just birdies and bogeys.

Known for his transparency, Andrew shares the real deal about life on and off the course, from thrilling victories to the challenges that test a golfer’s grit. 

Andrew gives you an insider’s look at the professional golfing life, mixing in practical tips with personal anecdotes that show the true swing of things.

For an authentic peek into the highs and lows of golfing professionally, Andrew’s your go-to guide.

Why Relevant: Sharing personal and professional golfing experiences to inspire.

Learn From Him: Overcoming challenges and staying motivated.

Instagram: AndrewSJensen

YouTube: Andrew Jensen Golf

TikTok: andrewsjensen

8. Chris Ryan Golf: The Technique Analyzer

Meet Chris Ryan, the golf guru who’s all about the nitty-gritty of your swing.

With a keen eye for the mechanics of golf, Chris dives deep into the techniques that make or break your game. 

Chris makes my list because he’s got the knack for dissecting the complexities of golf into clear, actionable tips.

Whether you’re looking to tweak your swing or understand the physics behind your putt, Chris is your man for insights that could very well shave strokes off your next round.

Why Relevant: Expert in breaking down and teaching complex golf techniques.

Learn From Him: How to analyze and improve your golfing technique.

Instagram: ChrisRyanGolf

YouTube: ChrisRyanGolf

TikTok: chrisryangolf

9. Skratch: The Golf Culture Curator

Let’s swing into Skratch, the corner of the golf world where fun meets fairway. This place isn’t just about scores and stats; it’s where golf’s quirky side shines. 

Think of it as your go-to for not just the latest golf news but also for the kind of highlights that make you go, “Wow, did that just happen?”

Like, have you ever wondered about the world’s fastest golf cart? Yep, Skratch has got that covered too. 

It’s where golf traditions meet the unexpected, making it the perfect spot for anyone who likes their golf with a side of smiles.

So, for a fresh take on golf that entertains as much as it informs, Skratch is where it’s at.

Why Relevant: Showcasing the lighter side of golf and its culture.

Learn From Them: The diverse and entertaining aspects of golf.

Instagram: Skratch

YouTube: Skratch

TikTok: skratch

10. Shawn Clement: The Wise One

Let’s swing into the world of Shawn Clement, the golf whisperer with a knack for making the complex utterly captivating.

With his roots deeply planted in Canadian soil, Shawn has blossomed into a world-renowned PGA-certified golf instructor, known for his innovative approach to teaching. 

Picture this: Shawn, breaking down the mysteries of Ground Reaction Force in your swing, or revealing the secret to snapping that driver for 300-yard drives, all while keeping it as engaging as a blockbuster movie.

His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of wisdom, where every lesson feels like a lightbulb moment waiting to happen.

Why Relevant: Unique teaching style demystifies the game, making it accessible to golfers of all levels.

Learn From Him: His lessons are a masterclass in blending theory with practical, actionable advice.

Instagram: wisdomingolf

YouTube: Shawn Clement’s Wisdom In Golf Lessons

TikTok: wisdomingolf1

Top 10 Female Golf Influencers

The landscape of golf is rich and diverse, thanks in part to female influencers who bring their unique perspectives, skills, and styles to the sport. 

These women are not just players; they are pioneers, using their platforms to inspire, educate, and entertain.

Here’s a look at the top 10 female golf influencers of 2024, each making significant contributions to the world of golf in their own way.

1. Paige Spiranac: The Queen of Golf Influencers

Let’s tee off with Paige Spiranac, the undisputed Queen of Golf Influencers, who’s driving her way through social media with the finesse of a perfectly swung iron.

With a whopping 3.9 million followers, she’s not just outdriving Tiger Woods in the digital world; she’s setting the course on fire with her blend of pro golf chops and social media savvy. 

Paige turns the fairway into a runway, making golf look good one post at a time.

And gents, before you dive into her feed, you might want to run it by your wife – because Paige’s blend of golf tips and glamour shots are known to cause quite the stir.

Why Relevant: A former pro golfer turned social media phenomenon.

Learn From Her: Expert golfing tips and how to build a strong social media presence.

Instagram: _paige.renee

YouTube: Paige Spiranic

TikTok: _paige.renee

2. Kathryn Newton: The Multitalented Influencer

In Kathryn Newton’s world golf clubs and glamour go hand in hand.

Beyond her roles on screen (you know her from Ant Man and Supernatural) and her flair for fashion, Kathryn’s also carving out a niche on the golf course, proving there’s room for birdies in a busy life. 

As a brand ambassador for The R&A Golf, she’s not just about the glitz; she’s genuinely passionate about the game.

Following Kathryn is like getting a backstage pass to how golf fits into a life filled with red carpets and camera flashes.

Her Instagram is a mixtape of golf swings and starlight, showing you can love the game without giving up your day job or night out.

Why Relevant: An actress and beauty influencer with a genuine passion for golf.

Learn From Her: Balancing diverse interests while nurturing a love for golf.

Instagram: KathrynNewton

TikTok: KathrynNewton

3. Bri Teresi: The Entrepreneurial Golfer

Bri Teresi is a model who swapped her high heels for golf cleats in a plot twist that’s as delightful as finding your ball on the green after a wild tee shot.

Picture this: before 2020, Bri hadn’t so much as gripped a golf club, but then a golf modeling gig came calling, and just like that, she was hooked.

Fast forward to now, and she’s not just hitting birdies; she’s inspiring a whole flock of women to join the golfing spree.Bri’s journey from model to golf enthusiast is the stuff of legends, proving it’s never too late to fall in love with the game.

And talk about a fanbase – even Bill Murray is tuning in to catch her swing (or something like that. We won’t judge where your eyes are going here, Bill!)

With a following that’s as diverse as the courses she plays on, Bri’s turning heads and changing minds, showing that golf isn’t just a man’s world.

Why Relevant: A model and entrepreneur infusing the golfing world with glamour.

Learn From Her: Merging fashion modeling and sports.

Instagram: BriTeresi

YouTube: Bri Teresi

TikTok: briteresi0

4. Blair O’Neal: The Competitor and Mom

Let’s zoom in on Blair O’Neal, the golfing sensation who’s more versatile than a Swiss Army knife.

From clinching the title in Big Break: Dominican Republic to juggling roles as a pro golfer, model, TV host, and supermom, Blair’s life is like a well-struck drive: long, impressive, and right on target. 

She’s not just swinging clubs; she’s also hosting shows on the Golf Channel and NBC Sports GolfPass, all while managing diaper duties.

Imagine teeing off with one hand and holding a mic with the other – that’s Blair for you. 

Her Instagram is a behind-the-scenes pass to this balancing act, showing that you can indeed have your cake and eat it too, as long as it’s gluten-free and matches your golf outfit.

Why Relevant: A golfer and model mastering the art of work-life balance.

Learn From Her: Navigating professional ambitions and family life with grace.

Instagram: BlairONealGolf


TikTok: blaironeal_golf

5. Katie Kearney: The Golf Travel Enthusiast

Katie Kearney is now cruising the fairways as Katie MacNeil after her recent nuptials (sending a birdie-sized congrats her way!).

Katie’s Instagram is like a passport filled with stamps from the world’s most breathtaking golf courses, each post a postcard from paradise with a side of pro tips. 

When she’s not globetrotting, you can catch her hosting Golf360, where she shares the scoop on everything from hidden gem courses to the best golfing gear.

Her feed isn’t just about the views (though they’re spectacular); it’s about inspiring her followers to pack their bags, grab their clubs, and embark on their own golf adventures.

Why Relevant: A globe-trotting golfer sharing the world’s most stunning courses.

Learn From Her: Discovering the beauty and diversity of golf courses globally.

Instagram: KatieKearney

TikTok: thekatiekearney

6. Tisha Alyn: The Vibrant Golf Personality

Dive into the world of Tisha Alyn, where golf isn’t just a game—it’s a revolution with a dash of sparkle.

Kicking off her pro career in 2015, Tisha quickly swung from the fairways into the hearts of social media fans worldwide, thanks to her magnetic charm and a strategy as sharp as her short game. 

But Tisha’s not just about likes and shares; she’s on a mission to tee up change, hosting events, and swinging for causes with gusto.

Championing junior golf, women’s sports, and the LGBTQ+ community, she’s reshaping the golfing world one vibrant post at a time.

She’s also a self-proclaimed trickster, which you know I love in a golfer.

Why Relevant: Known for her energetic and engaging approach to golf instruction and entertainment.

Learn From Her: How to make golf fun and relatable for the younger generation.

Instagram: TishaAlyn

YouTube: Tisha Alyn

TikTok: Tisha_Alyn

7. Elise Lobb: The Fashionable Golfer

Meet Elise Lobb, the golf influencer who’s been stylishly reshaping the golf world since her days as Miss Daytona Beach.

Now, she’s not just a vision on the course but also a familiar face on FOX Sports, where she brings her unique blend of golf knowledge and fashion sense to the screen. 

But Elise’s talents don’t stop there; she’s also the author of “Little Lisey Loo,” a heartwarming story aimed at inspiring young girls to pick up a golf club with confidence and learn the basics.

From beauty queen to golfing queen and now a storytelling star, Elise is proof that the world of golf is as diverse as her wardrobe.

Why Relevant: A fashion-forward influencer making golf stylish and accessible.

Learn From Her: Incorporating fashion into the golfing lifestyle.

Instagram: EliseLobb

YouTube: Elise Lobb

TikTok: eliselobbdzingel

8. McKenzie Graham: The Rising Star

McKenzie Graham is quickly making a name for herself in the golfing community, known for her athletic prowess on the course and her potential as a fitness model.

She was Miss Florida Teen runner-up in 2022 and is currently studying pre-law, so where she finds time for it all, I’m not sure – way to make an old man feel old, McKenzie!

McKenzie is often called Paige Spiranic’s “rival” but I don’t know about that. Nobody wants to see a cat fight on the golf course, girls. (Oh who am I kidding? Of course we do.)

Why Relevant: Showcasing the athletic and competitive side of golf.

Learn From Her: The importance of fitness and athleticism in golf.

Instagram: McKenzie_G

YouTube: McKenzie Graham

TikTok: mckenzieg_

9. Carolina “Carl” Romero: The Fitness Trainer

Meet Carolina “Carl” Romero, the golf fitness guru who’s turning the golf course into a gym, one swing at a time.

With a mantra that’s something like, “Why chase the ball when you can make the ball chase you?”

Carl’s all about empowering golfers with fitness routines that pack more punch than a hole-in-one on a par five. 

Her Instagram is where the magic happens, blending burpees with birdies and planks with putts.

If you’ve ever wondered how to squat your way to a better swing or do push-ups to improve your putt, Carl’s your go-to.

Just remember, after a session with Carl, even your golf cart might ask for a water break.

Why Relevant: A fitness expert dedicated to improving golf performance.

Learn From Her: Tailored fitness routines to boost your golf game.

Instagram: FitGolferGirl

YouTube: Fit Golfer Girl

TikTok: FitGolferGirl

10. Michelle Wie West: The Trailblazing Champion

Michelle Wie West is a celebrated figure in women’s golf, known for her remarkable achievements on the course and her influential voice off it.

As a major champion and advocate for women in sports, she leverages her platform to inspire and engage with a broader audience. 

Beyond her golfing accolades, Michelle has ventured into media, sharing her insights and experiences through her engaging podcast, “Golf, Mostly” with pal Hally Leadbetter.

Their pod is full of personal stories, celebrity interviews, and plenty of Beef approved laughs.

Why Relevant: Serious golf experience and all-around people person.

Learn From Her: Resilience in the face of challenges and the power of using one’s platform for positive change.

Instagram: MichelleWieWest

YouTube: GolfMostly

TikTok: MichelleWieWest

Trends Shaping the Future of Golf: Through the Lens of Those Who Live It

So what influences the influencers? (Whoa, tongue twister.) Why give us a follow?

The future of golf is swinging into exciting new territories, and our beloved influencers are leading the charge with their clubs and cameras in hand.

Let’s dive into the trends that are reshaping the greens and making the game more thrilling than a sudden-death playoff.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Takes the Tee: Imagine teeing off at St. Andrews without leaving your living room. Thanks to VR, this dream is becoming a reality. Influencers are already on this bandwagon, showcasing how VR golfing experiences can transport you to world-class courses with just a headset. It’s like having a caddy who’s also a tech wizard!
  2. Green is the New Green: Sustainability is the word on every fairway. Influencers are driving the conversation around eco-friendly golfing practices, from biodegradable golf balls to solar-powered golf carts. We’re proving that you can save the planet while shaving strokes off your game. Talk about a win-win!
  3. Golf Goes Global: Once thought of as a pastime for the privileged few, golf is breaking boundaries and finding fans in every corner of the globe. Our influencers are at the forefront, showcasing the rise of golf in non-traditional markets. From urban golf in bustling cities to makeshift courses in remote locations, we’re showing that all you really need is a stick and a ball to get started.
  4. Fashion on the Fairway: Gone are the days of stuffy golf attire. Influencers are turning the course into a runway, blending performance with style. Whether it’s high-tech fabrics that keep you cool or bold patterns that make a statement, they’re ensuring that you’ll look as good as your game feels. Comfort is king here.
  5. Tech in Your Golf Bag: From smart clubs that analyze your swing to apps that act as your personal coach, technology is changing the way we play. We are demystifying these gadgets, showing how a little bit of tech can go a long way in improving our game.

Beyond the Influence

While diving into the world of “golf influencers” can open up a treasure chest of top products, tips, and golfing secrets, it’s crucial to remember that social media showcases a curated slice of life. Influencers highlight the highs and sometimes omit the lows, painting a picture that may not always reflect the full reality of the golfing journey.

As you follow along, cherish the inspiration but stay grounded in your unique path and progress.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who are golf influencers?

Golf influencers are individuals who use their expertise, charisma, and social media platforms to inspire, entertain, and educate their followers about golf. They range from professional athletes and coaches to hobbyists with a knack for engaging content.

Why follow golf influencers?

Following golf influencers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, including playing tips, gear reviews, and insights into the golfing lifestyle. They can also offer motivation and a sense of community to golfers at all levels.

How do I become a better golfer?

Becoming a better golfer involves practice, patience, and learning. Engage with golfing communities, follow influencers for tips and inspiration, and most importantly, spend time on the course. Remember, every pro was once a beginner.


And there you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour through the who’s who of golf’s digital fairway in 2024. 

From the greens to your screens, these influencers are changing the game one post at a time. Keep swinging, stay quirky, and remember, in the world of golf, it’s all about having a ball!

Ollie Neave

Professional Golf Player and Coach

Ollie Neave

AKA Aussie Beef Golf, One of Australia’s Busiest Golf Coaches.

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